On a mission to make bitcoin the most sustainable asset class on earth and thereby accelerating global adoption of mankind's most prolific technology.

Why tho?

FUDsters are waging war against bitcoin based on the current environmental impact of proof of work mining that secures the bitcoin network. It is imperative that we defend the bitcoin network in order to promote global adoption and fortify the foundation of the greater decentralized ecosystem of crypto, defi, and DAOs alike.

What is?

A decentralized autonomous organization of individuals that benefit from the global adoption of bitcoin. We are on mission to make bitcoin undisputedly the most sustainable asset class on earth.

How to?

SustainDAO will reward environmentally sustainable miners financially by using it’s treasury to provide liquidity for sustainability certificates. This will financially incentivize miners to utilize sustainable methods of powering their mines to secure the bitcoin network.

There are several emerging protocols, companies, and institutions developing accreditation to certify "sustainable" mining. Thru SustainDAO Governance, our community will decide which of these emerging certificates are legitimate. The DAO will use it's treasury to provide liquidity for these certs and incentivize further sustainability of the bitcoin network.

Wen do?

Now. As we create a market for sustainable mining certificates, more miners will seek sustainable means of powering their mines in order to receive additional return on their proof of work (POW). As sustainable mining certificates become a common mechanism to add "Proof of Sustainable Mining" to bitcoin holdings, more institutional investors and ESG organizations are eligible to invest in and hold BTC. BTC adoption is the rising tide that will lift all boats.

Who are?

You, us, anons, degens, miners, zoomers, boomers, fluffies, NFT heads, unbanked, counter-culturalists, and everyone else that wants to fix the world by fixing the money.

Where is?

The DAO is organizing now! Be the first to claim your governance tokens and be a part of the mission to make bitcoin the most sustainable asset class on earth. Join our discord and start contributing your ideas on how we can accelerate bitcoin adoption thru sustainability.


  1. Launch SustainDAO on Juicebox

    May 2022
  2. Deploy dashboard, governance and documentation

    June 2022
  3. Participate in the first purchase of sustainable mining certificates

    July 2022

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